Handbook on the Art of Washi
和紙の手帖 英語版

WASHI - The secret of it's beauty
1. What is the difference between Washi and machine-made paper?
2. Why does Washi last longer than machine-made paper?
3. What is the secret of the strength of Washi?
4. What is the secret of the beauty of Washi?
5. Why is Washi more expensive than western-style paper?
6. What kind of raw materials are used for Washi?
7. How many days does it take to make Washi?
8. What is the yield of paper obtained from pulp wood?

Washi - Handmaking in practice, form and color
9. What is the reason for boiling the raw materials pulpwood?
10. What kind of work is involved in speck removal?
11. What kind of methods are there to make the paper white?
12. What is the deference between "Nagashizuki" and "Tamezuki"?
13. Why is "neri" required?
14. Why is paper made in cold winter weather better?
15. Why does paper peel off sheet by sheet from the "Shito"?
16. Why is there a deference in paper by drying on a wooden board and drying on a steel plate?
17. What shape and size of Washi can be made?
18. What kind of work is difficult and painstaking in making Washi?
19. Can anybody make paper?
20. What are the climate conditions necessary for papermaking?
21. How is the front surface and back surface of paper formed?
22. How is a watermark made?
23. What kind of materials is used to impart color to Washi?
24. Why are there blurring and non-blurring paper?
25. Why is Washi prone to be fluffy? What methods are there to prevent it?
26. How can bookworms or stains be prevented?
27. What Kind of tools are used for Washi?
28. How many people are there currently who make equipment for Washi? How about their successors?

Washi - Origin and present situation
29. When and where was paper invented?
30. When was Washi originally made?
31. Tell us more about the history of Washi?

Washi - It's various uses
32. How has the use of Washi changed?
33. What kind of Washi is used for industrial arts?
34. How is Washi used in repair of cultural treasures?
35. What kind of Washi is used for calligraphy?
36. What kind of Washi is used for Japanese painting?
37. Tell us about Washi and printmaking.
38. What kind of arts and crafts of Washi are there? What sort of Washi is used?
39. Tell us about Origami (paper^folding).
40. Tell us about wrapping and Washi.
41. What kind of Washi is used in mounting?
42. How is Washi used in architecture such as in houses or buildings?
43. It is said printing on Washi is difficult. Why?

Washi - Production areas and characteristics
Tohoku-Kanto Area
Chubu Area
Kinki Area
Chugoku Area
Shikoku Area
Kyushu Area

List of Members of All Japan Handmade Papermaker's Association
TOP 全国産地マップ 和紙と和紙の製品をさがす 産地の情報とインフォメーション 和紙について知りたい 全国手すき和紙連合会の出版物 全国手すき和紙連合会とは